Dr. Seuss helped raise $700

July 20, 2016
For Tyce's first birthday party, his parents got creative and raised $700 for RMHC Toronto.
Bellefeuille family

For his first birthday, Tyce Bellefeuille was given almost $700 worth of gifts. But it wasn’t in the form of toys.

At the request of his parents, Tyce’s party guests donated money to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto, an organization near and dear to their heart.

To learn more about planning your own fundraiser, visit makefunmatter.ca.

At two months old, Tyce was diagnosed with retinoblastoma  – a form of eye cancer – and his eye had to be immediately removed. Tyce’s medical care had to be performed in Toronto, miles away from the Bellefeuille family’s home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. That meant many cross-country trips for procedures and follow-ups.

Tyce’s family stayed at RMHC Toronto for many of their visits and will continue to do so into the future.

“We are beyond grateful for the emotional and financial support the House provides, so we really wanted to give back,” says Tyce’s mom, Chelsey.

As Tyce’s first birthday approached, it struck Chelsey that this would be the perfect way to raise money for their “home away from home.” Since the birthday party would be Dr. Seuss-themed, Chelsey got creative and wrote this adorable poem:

A poem asking guests to make donations in lieu of gifts

You, too, can get creative and raise money for RMHC Toronto at your own events. Summer is the perfect time to think of others and make your fun matter.

To learn more about planning your own fundraiser, visit makefunmatter.ca.

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