Best survey results ever

November 18, 2016
A plus written on a piece of paper

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto just received our highest Family Satisfaction Score to date: an incredible 97 per cent.

Based on a variety of factors related to their stay at the House, our most recent survey results were more positive than ever before. We are always looking for ways to improve the support we provide to families, so we ask every family to complete a voluntary survey about their experience after they go home.

While families raved about the facilities and programming we offer at the House, two other themes also emerged from their comments: support and community. We’ve captured some of their most heartfelt feedback to demonstrate the warmth of our embrace.



“I know that my daughter’s amazing recovery from a kidney transplant was partly due to the fact that we had a place like RMHC Toronto to call home. The fact that we as her parents had a place to regroup and de-stress while she was in hospital was also something we know contributed to her successful recovery. These things are vital for a family and we so appreciate how much your charity understands that.”

“We only stayed for a few days, as our baby girl passed away. The staff were very caring, respectful, and empathetic. We were very thankful for a clean and comfortable place to stay as I was recovering from a c-section.”

“Having just given birth two days prior to checking in and going through such stress in the first couple days of my son’s life, it was so nice to have somewhere to go to rest. I was able to spend long days at the hospital with my son because of the great night’s sleep I got at the House.”

“When arriving, I had too many thoughts and fears. Once the black gates opened at the entrance and we saw the garden, the beauty of the space immediately calmed me. It was like stepping into a totally different place that took me away from being stuck in my head with worry. The experience just kept getting better. The staff were lovely, fun and patient. Our room almost made us cry because it was so clean, bright and our own little piece of heaven. RMHC Toronto is a haven.”




“Meeting other parents with sick children made us feel like we were not alone.”

“Our son loved staying at the House. Although we are happy to be home, when I see families that I grew close to having so much fun, I miss being there to talk with them and have my son interact with their children. (His new friends!)”

“I think RMHC Toronto helped my son deal with his relapse and treatment plan just as much as it helped my husband and I. He met some amazing kids, both sick and healthy, that I think helped him deal with his emotional issues without him even knowing it.”

“Almost every time I walk into RMHC Toronto, I get choked up and sometimes start to cry because you can just feel the love and the weight comes off your shoulders a little. To say the least, the impact is priceless.”



“RMHC Toronto is an unbelievable blessing. It has a feeling of peacefulness and calm that is necessary for families that are dealing with the chaos and unpredictability of having an ill child. Thank you.”

“With all of our hearts, we thank you for having us. You made us feel right at home.”

“Our stay was amazing. We will be donating to this organization any time we can.”