If I were prime minister...

November 03, 2015
Students from the RMHC Toronto School
Students at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto School are offering some good and heart-warming advice to incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Grades 4 to 8 students at the School recently completed essays entitled “If I were prime minister.” Their ideas shine a powerful light on the unique hopes and dreams of young people facing particularly challenging times. All of the children at RMHC Toronto School are either seriously ill, or they are the siblings of seriously ill children.

Here’s what these remarkable students had to say:

“If I were prime minister, I would provide every family with a free healthcare plan because people can’t help it when they get sick. I would also plan an annual teddy bear picnic, just for children! Children can bring their favourite teddy bear or stuffed animal and come to a beautiful meadow of flowers and have a lovely picnic. All food and blankets will be supplied!"
- Adaya, 11, in treatment for a serious cardiac issue

Adaya using a stethoscope on a teddy bear

“If I were prime minister, I would build more affordable housing. Why you ask? Because I think people should have a nice place to stay and not have to stay outside on park benches or underground subway heaters. I would give iPads to schools that have a limited number of computers so kids can use them for their school work. I would also shorten school days for grades JK to 3 because students get tired quickly and faster.”
- Chayse, 12, recovering from brain surgery


“If I were prime minister, I would provide free healthcare for children in need. I would provide free animal assistants to people with special needs because if they need it, they shouldn’t have to pay for it. I would put more money into the care of nursing homes. I would lower tuition for private schools. I would create more schools for neurosurgery.  And there would be a statutory holiday every month because sometimes you just need a break.”
- Jordan, 9, supporting her sister, Chayse


“If I were prime minister, maternity leave would be for a year and a half so moms can be with their babies for longer. I would give free healthcare for animals because it is expensive. For the economy, I would have the rich pay more for taxes because they have a lot of money. I would make more schools, parks, hospitals and parking lots. I would give everyone their birthday off with pay. There would be a national shopping day so people can have fun.”
- Rayne, 9, supporting her sister, Saphirra, who is fighting cancer


“If I were prime minister, I would make child care free. I would also lower housing bill payments. I would give $915 every month in the mail to everyone as a bonus because some people don’t have a lot of money so you could spend more money on food. I would make people use old paper so we can save the trees. Finally, I would make a machine that can make pets talk, because let’s say you don’t know how to take care of your pet, then he or she will tell you what they need. It would cost $30 – that’s it!”
- Shivam, 11, who supporting his sister, Dhvani, who is awaiting a bone marrow transplant


“If I were prime minister, I would provide free medicine. I would also change some things about education. First, when a new child joins the school, they would get free supplies. Second, I think there should be a school for dogs to teach them how to be work dogs. Finally, it should only be $30 to get into college. Also, littering should be against the law. I also have some personal ideas. I think there should be a zoo in every city. My favourite rule would be that you can have a wild animal as a pet."
- Aliviah, 10, supporting her sister Adaya


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