Inquiring minds

September 19, 2017
Student looking through a magnifying glass

Kids say the darndest things, and that includes students at the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto School. Danielle Myers, one of the School’s teachers, is always getting a kick out of the questions students ask her. Here are answers to 10 of the most amusing ones.

1. No, we do not live at RMHC Toronto. While we are here before the students each day and after they leave, we have our own homes that we go to at the end of the day.

2. As much as I love Monkey, my best friend – AKA, my cat – he is not allowed to come to school. While I would love to sneak him in as our class pet, some people are allergic and he doesn’t actually travel well. (He pees every time I put him in a carrier.)

3. Yes, we have parents too!

4. No, we do not live with our moms. And no, that does not make us feel sad and alone. 

5. Yes, our homes have fridges and ovens in them. No, we do not need permission from our parents to use them.

6. Yes, we actually write/create/research everything we teach. Our lessons and units are not magically appearing.

7. Yes, we practice your work at home if we need to relearn it before we teach it.

8. Yes, we have eyes in the back of our heads. We see EVERYTHING!

9. No, our supply teachers are not responsible for ordering classroom supplies. They are teachers that come in to cover for us when we are sick or need to be away from the classroom. 

10. No, I was not our Principal’s mom when she was young. (Some of the children that join us are home schooled. Since their mother was their teacher, they think we work the same way. We aren’t too sure why the student thought I was Katie’s mom – maybe my grey hair is showing.)