Mulch to Munch

June 22, 2016
Kids are loving our new gardening program.
Noah holding a radish
Designed to be a garden oasis in the middle of the city, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto is truly living up to its vision this summer. Kids at the House have been busy planting colourful flowers and growing vegetables, making our outdoor space look more green and lush than ever.

“Many of our families come from rural communities, so gardening is an activity they would be doing at home this time of year,” says Ami Armagost, program coordinator. For example, Ami noticed Charlotte, 4, always digging in the dirt out on the playground. Charlotte was the first one to plant seeds in our new garden.

“This is a fun way for us to either create a sense of normalcy or provide a new outdoor experience for kids who’ve never had the chance,” says Ami.

Jacob giving out radishes

The gardening program, called “Mulch to Munch,” is also an opportunity to teach kids about where their food comes from. Dietetic interns have been designing nutrition-based activities for months, and this is a seasonal extension of their work.

“The kids planted the seeds, they’re pulling the weeds and they’re picking the vegetables,” says Ami.

“They were so excited when our radishes were ready! They thought it was so cool that they can now eat something they planted.”

The radishes are ready, but there are still tomatoes, sunflowers, beans, strawberries and tomatilloes left to grow. It will be a busy, fruitful summer at RMHC Toronto.