Trick or treat

October 18, 2016
Ghost-shaped bananas and pumpkin-shaped oranges

We have a lot of exciting activities planned at the House for Halloween, including making some spooktacular treats at Kids Kitchen. Here are a few fun and tasty snacks you can make with your kids.

Oreo Spiders

Oreo cookie with pretzels, shaped like a spider

A pack of Oreo cookies, a bag of pretzels, some chocolate icing and gumballs are all you need to make these delicious spiders. No one will be scared of these eight-legged treats!

Banana Ghosts

Bananas made to look like ghosts

Animate your bananas with chocolate chips or raisins. 


Oranges and celery in the shape of pumpkins

Offset your candy intake with this healthy alternative. Clementines and celery are all you need.

Happy Halloween!