McHappy students

April 19, 2017
Join us for McHappy Day on Wednesday, May 3!
Students from the RMHC Toronto School
Back (l-r): Dylan, J.P., Isaac, Caleb | Front (l-r): Alex, Nidiya, Paige, Rachel

With McHappy Day just two weeks away, excitement is starting to build for the annual fundraiser.

Nowhere is excitement greater than at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto. To help us explain why everyone should go to McDonald’s on May 3, we asked some of the children who will be directly impacted by its success. Here are some insights from students at the RMHC Toronto School.

One dollar from the sale of every Big Mac, Happy Meal and McCafé beverage sold on McHappy Day will support Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. Which one would you buy?
Everyone   Big Mac!

(Grade 6)

  (pointing to his brother) He would get a kid's meal.
The tagline for McHappy Day is "For the love of families." Why do you love your families?

(Grade 4)

  They gave us birth. They feed us. They care for you.
(Grade 4)
  They bring us places.
(Grade 7)
  They support us.
J.P.    They take care of us, just in general. Providing clothes and stuff.
(Grade 1)
  I like playing music with my brother.
Why is it important for people to support RMHC Toronto on McHappy Day?
(Grade 6)
   It supports all the families that are here because we can't go home at this time.
J.P.    It's really safe and the people really care.
Dylan   It's a home away from home. You don't have to drive back and forth to the hospital.
Caleb   If our parents have to spend all day at the hospital, we can go to school.
J.P.   People can buy [McDonald's food] knowing that when they buy they support families that are really in need. Families that might only have one chance with their kid.
How much money do you think will be raised on McHappy Day for RMHC Toronto?
J.P.    Well, what's the population of Toronto? If everyone goes, that's a dollar per person.
Dylan   $3.2 million and 50 cents.
Caleb   $100,000.
J.P.   Way more than that. I'm thinking around $150 million.
(Grade 3)

  10 cents.
Will you go to McDonald's on McHappy Day?
Everyone    Ya!
J.P.   I hope it really helps. I'm going to be there for lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Last year, McDonald’s Restaurants raised $650,000 in support of RMHC Toronto on McHappy Day. That was 15 per cent of our fundraising revenue. This year, we hope it will be even more successful as we continue to support more and more families with seriously ill children.