Caring cops

August 16, 2017
Toronto police officers posing on a baseball diamond

Not many employee engagement activities raise more than $100,000 for charity, but Toronto Police Service 32 Division are proud to be the exception. For the past 29 years, they’ve been donating the proceeds of their annual slo-pitch tournament to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto.

32 Division is the municipal police station responsible for general policing services in the central-northern suburb of Toronto. With many different platoons working at all hours of the day, their baseball tournament is a rare opportunity for the division to come together and have fun.

“It’s such a great day of camaraderie across all ranks of the division,” says Tamara Shewchenko, a Community Response Officer who has been running the tournament for the past six years. “Our jobs are so serious, so it’s important to have a day of fun and mingle with others who you may not know outside of work.”

What makes the day even more special for the 32 Division is knowing that they’re helping a good cause. For example, their most recent tournament in June raised more than $1,800 for families with seriously ill children staying at RMHC Toronto.

“We all see the value in what RMHC Toronto has to offer,” says Tamara. “I know at least two police officers who have used its services, and one of my best friends is staying at the House right now. She’s a very successful lawyer, and you may not think someone like that would ever need the House. But when you live cities away from the hospital, she would be going into significant debt to be there for her baby. The House provides peace of mind that no one else can offer.”

The 32 Division has donated more than $100,000 since 1988, and they plan to continue adding to that total for years to come.

“We understand how many families $100,000 helps, and that’s an awesome feeling.”

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Peter Maurer
Thank you for all you've done over the years. What a great thing you folks are doing for families in need. Don't let the negative press and public deter you.....Police Officers and all Police Services people are fantastic. There to serve and protect when needed and obviously also to lend a helping hand to countless families too. Thank you.
29/08/2017 7:43:21 PM

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