"We don't even have to buy the food"

November 14, 2017
Kids tell you why you should give this holiday season
Students at the RMHC Toronto School
Back, left to right: Jasmine, Naomi, Maggie
Front, left to right: Ava, Luka

The season of giving is here, and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto is a fantastic organization to donate to. Don’t believe us? Who better to tell you how impactful our House is than the children staying here. We interviewed students at the RMHC Toronto School, and here are their responses.

How long have you been staying here?
Maggie (Grade 3): Since July.
Ava (SK): Two weeks or something.
Luka (Grade 1): I don’t know. (Since the end of October)
Jasmine (Grade 7): A week and a half.
Naomi (Grade 6): Since last June.
What is your favourite part of the House?
Maggie: The gym. There are lots of toys to play with.
Ava: My first day coming to school, because I like school.
Luka: Basically the place where we play video games and play all the board games. Or I like to be in my room with my family.
Jasmine: It’s really fun. There’s lots of stuff to do all the time. Crafts, you can cook in the kitchen, woodworking. There’s so much to do, it all overlaps.
Naomi: Meeting new people.
What makes your family special?
Maggie: They make us food and give us toys.
Ava: They give me nice stuff. I like to watch my sister play Roadblocks on her iPad. I get to go see her at the hospital every day.
Luka: Sometimes Mommy lets me take care of my dinosaurs. My brother is “off the hook” and he’s so heavy and he’s only two years old.
Jasmine: My family is fun. They do lots of fun stuff with us and they love us and take care of us. My Dad’s really funny cause he’s French and sometimes his English words come out wrong. Like “three” will be “tree.” (laughs)
Naomi: We’re supportive of each other and we help each other out.
Why is RMHC Toronto important to families like yours?
Maggie: Because we’re close to the hospital and I have lots of new friends to play with.
Ava: [Without it], we would have to stay at the hospital. My dad would sleep on the chair at my sister’s bed and I would sleep on his lap. The beds here are more comfortable.
Luka: Cause it helps us out. We don’t even have to buy the food! At home we have to make food, but here they make it for us!
Jasmine: I’m getting a bone marrow transplant next week, so I’ll be in the hospital for like eight weeks, and then I’m coming back here. We’re from Nova Scotia, so being here means we don’t have to move a whole bunch. There’s everything you need to live here.
Naomi: It gives people a home if they’re away from home with a sick child.
If someone is considering making a holiday donation to RMHC Toronto, what would you say to them?
Maggie: We’re very fortunate to have the Ronald McDonald House.
Luka: Ya!
Jasmine: Most of the people here are sad that they can’t go home. But they can have Christmas here, and it will be ten times funner than it would be at home.
Naomi: Mostly, thank you.

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