McKayla needs a new heart

October 04, 2017
By Rejeanne Warder, McKayla's mom
The Warder family

After four open heart surgeries and so many other medical procedures I've lost count, McKayla's heart is failing.

Our beautiful little six-year-old needs a heart transplant. So we’ve moved into Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto to wait for the call. The doctors say it could be at least a year before we can go back to our home in Windsor, Ontario again.

It’s been a long journey for our family. McKayla was born with a heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It is usually treatable with a series of surgeries. But in McKayla’s case, it didn’t turn out that way. McKayla developed other complications with her kidneys and her lungs. She had a stroke when she was only four months old. Now, her only chance at life is a new heart.

If the last six years have taught us anything, it’s that McKayla is a fighter. And, she’s strongest when she’s surrounded by her entire family.

McKayla and her big brother, Zack

There’s Austin and Zackary, her big brothers who protect her like she’s a princess. There’s Jasmine, who loves her up like a little mommy. There’s Tristan, her little brother and closest playmate. And there’s Justin, her daddy and the love of her life. I couldn’t imagine the next 12 months without everyone by McKayla’s side.

With everything we have to go through, it makes it so much easier when we can go through it as a family. 

McKayla’s brothers and sisters bring her hugs and kisses every day. She loves the attention they give her. But most of all, she needs it to stay strong.

You can help McKayla stay strong with a monthly donation to RMHC Toronto.

McKayla hugging her mom

The amazing programs and services at RMHC Toronto help ensure that everyone in our family gets what they need. And more than anything else, what my family needs is to be together this year.

Without the support of RMHC Toronto, we would lose our house. We would have nothing. RMHC Toronto makes the burden we have to bear less stressful.

It’s going to be a long year for us. We feel so blessed by RMHC Toronto and by your support.

Please donate this Thanksgiving to keep McKayla’s family close while she waits for a new heart. Donate now.