A father's story

July 26, 2018
Matthias Osborne talks about his family's journey and why you should support RMHC Toronto this summer.
Matthias Osborne with his two daughters
My daughters mean the world to me.

I’m the proud father of three special little girls, but my journey has been a difficult one.

One year ago, my wife, Wendy, and I suddenly lost Octavia to a rare genetic disease. She was only 17 months old. Seven days later, Adaisha, our four year old, became sick and was diagnosed with the same illness. Since then, Adaisha has spent 12 months fighting for her life in hospitals at home in Newfoundland, in the U.S., and now, for more than 220 days, in Toronto.


With everything we are going through, I could not imagine having to be separated from Cadence, our healthy seven-year-old. My wife and I need Cadence, Adaisha needs Cadence, and Cadence needs us.

And that’s where Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto comes in.

RMHC Toronto keeps my family together. It is giving us a place to call home at the most difficult time in our lives.

Donate now to support families like the Osbornes this summer.

We have warm beds, a comfortable room, healthy meals, activities and the support of friendly volunteers and staff. Importantly for Cadence, there has been the RMHC Toronto School, so she can continue to learn and have a sense of normalcy in her life. And this summer, she is attending RMHC Toronto Camp. That means superhero visits, arts and crafts and just having fun running around in the sprinklers in the garden at the House.

RMHC Toronto also gives me one of my greatest joys: Daddy-daughter date nights.


With Cadence, that means an outing into the big city. For Adaisha, that has meant playing games, talking and laughing together at her bedside and in the House. 

If all goes well, Adaisha will soon be healthy enough to be discharged. 

Summer is our favourite time of year, and more than anything, I want my girls to experience the joy of just being kids. They deserve it.

Your donations will make that possible.

Please give to keep my family and other families like mine together at RMHC Toronto. We couldn’t function as a family without you.

Please give now.