Birthday heroes

August 30, 2018
The Gamble family turned their son’s first birthday parties into fundraisers for RMHC Toronto.
The Gamble family
Machteld Gamble hosted traditional first birthday parties for both of her sons including games, food and birthday cake. But instead of providing ideas for gifts, she asked friends and family to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto.

When Machteld was planning a first birthday party in January 2016 for her oldest son, Logan, she realized it was an opportunity to pay it forward. She decided to fundraise for RMHC Toronto because she knows families who have stayed at the House while their child was seriously ill.


“It was important for me to express the gratitude I have for my healthy son. If something happened to my son, I’d want to be with him, so I wanted to give that to as many people as possible,” says Machteld.

In April 2018, the Gamble family hosted a first birthday party for their youngest son, Hudson, and decided to fundraise for RMHC Toronto again.

“One-year-olds can’t fully appreciate gifts. I like that when Logan and Hudson are older, they will feel proud knowing that they were giving back and helping other families at such a young age.”


For Hudson’s birthday, Machteld used the RMHC Make Fun Matter online fundraising platform to simplify their fundraising.

Learn how to make fun matter at your child’s birthday by visiting

“I included a link to our Make Fun Matter event page in the e-mail invitation, so people could donate. It’s an easy platform to use, even the grandparents who don’t love technology found it easy to use.”

Hudson’s first birthday party fundraiser raised $752, surpassing their goal of $500. In total, Logan and Hudson’s birthday parties raised a total of $1,370 for RMHC Toronto.

“I always hear people saying they don’t want a bunch of gifts from their child’s birthday, so I encourage them to fundraise. It’s such an easy way to make a difference and pass a valuable lesson along to your kids.”

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