Expanding our embrace

July 26, 2018
It’s not often there’s an empty room at RMHC Toronto. Half way into 2018, our House continues to be busier than ever.
The Friel Family
It’s six months into 2018, and RMHC Toronto is proving to be busier than it has ever been.

By the end of June, we had already supported 372 different families at the House. But the most telling July-2018-House-numbers-3.jpgstatistic is that the average family stayed for 33 days. That’s up more than 43 per cent from 23 days last year. There has rarely been an empty room at the House all year.

What’s driving that ever-increasing need for our support?

It’s a good news story.

“Thanks to medical advancements, more children are recovering”, says Sally Ginter, CEO of RMHC Toronto. “For these children, their medical journey now requires more treatments over longer periods and that means families need us for an extended time and often return to RMHC Toronto for multiple stays. We continue to be so grateful for the ongoing support of our donors as we seek ways to expand our embrace to support more families.”