What are you going to be for Halloween?

October 16, 2018
We're gearing up to help our families celebrate Halloween just like they would at home.
Family dressed up for Halloween
If your house is anything like ours, things are starting to gear up for the spooktacular day!

It’s always a fun time of year at RMHC Toronto, and we work hard to make it special for the children and the adults in the House.

There’s pumpkin carving with volunteers from Mars Wrigley Confectionery, colourful decorations and even ready-to-go costumes that families can choose from if they don’t have time to get or make costumes themselves.

Being away from home shouldn’t mean children have to give up on a fun celebration.

Thanks to volunteers from Scotiabank, there will be a Halloween party at the House on October 31, complete with games and goodies.

The party will be topped off with a costume parade and trick-or-treating to every staff member’s desk.

In case you think it’s only the kids who dress up, rumour has it that our Family Services team may be coming to work that day as trolls.

Check out this fun selection of costumes from previous years.

Trick-or-treat-2.jpg Peppa-Pig-staff.jpg
baby-as-batman.jpg baby-tinkerbell.jpg