Why Caleb is going to McHappy Day

April 20, 2018
This 10-year-old loves Big Macs and RMHC Toronto
Caleb, Marifa and J.P. MacMullen
Caleb MacMullen (left in the photo above with his mom, Marifa, and older brother, J.P.) lived at RMHC Toronto for four months in 2017 when his newborn sister, Trinity, was in the hospital. He was so moved by the experience that he wrote a speech about it for his Grade 5 class in Orangeville, Ont. this year. 

Read Caleb's speech to see why he is going to McHappy Day on Wednesday, May 2 and why he hopes you do too. 

"When you hear the name Ronald McDonald, what do you picture in your head? Is it a guy that has a red afro and is dressed like a clown, or do you picture an apartment building that is made for people that have a loved one in a hospital?

Good morning. My name is Caleb MacMullen and today I am going to tell you about Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto, where my family and I lived last year when my baby sister was in the hospital.

Ronald McDonald House provides a place to live for families who live far away from SickKids in Toronto.

To be honest, I thought my first visit to Ronald McDonald House would be a lot like going to a McDonald’s Restaurant. But this House ended up being an apartment building. I thought we would have a tiny room with a little bed like in a hospital, but it was much, much more than that!  
RMHC Toronto can care for 81 families. We had our own fully furnished apartment with TVs and bathroom. All families shared a humongous kitchen equipped with food, appliances, dishes and an amazing five-second high efficiency dishwasher that your moms would all be jealous for!
There is a library, computer lab, fireplace lounge with board games and even PS4s and PS3s. Guess where I spent a lot of my time hanging out? There is a cool gym with tons of sports equipment. Imagine your very own movie theatre with a large screen and fancy seats in your own home. Well, that’s where we got to watch movies! RMHC Toronto had two playgrounds where we played grounders and football. 
I went to the RMHC Toronto School. It was not that bad because school went from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. My classmates were children who had to go to SickKids for treatment or had siblings like me in the hospital. We became really good friends. I will never forget them. The teachers were pretty “SIC”. They brought us on school trips once a month, including a scavenger hunt on the subway. 

Caleb with two classmates at St. Patrick subway station
(Caleb on a RMHC Toronto School field trip to the TTC subway sytem.)
There are special programs for the families as well.  There was Kids Kitchen, woodworking, arts and crafts and even comedy nights hosted by a group called Funnies for Families.  

Ronald McDonald House helped keep our family close and together during a very hard time. If it wasn’t for the House, my mom and dad would not be able to see my sister very much and my siblings and I would almost never see her. Or it would also cost my family thousands of dollars to stay in a hotel nearby and buy food every day. 

Ronald McDonald House was so helpful to my family and to other families with sick family members.

Please help support this amazing charity. 

Drop a little change in the RMHC coinbox next time you go to McDonald’s.
Our family is never going to miss another McHappy Day, where McDonald’s donates much of the money that day to Ronald McDonald Houses.

Maybe I’ll see you there and we can have McHappy Big Mac and help provide a Home-Away-from-Home for many families.  

Thank you."

(With some light editing by RMHC Toronto staff)

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