You said it

September 27, 2018
At RMHC Toronto, we are always ready to provide a listening ear to a family that needs it.
Audia Family at RMHC Toronto
RMHC Toronto is proud to provide families with a warm and compassionate place to call home. We meet families from across Canada and around the world as their children receive life-saving medical treatment in the city.

We are pleased to hear positive comments from those who stay with us as we support them through the most difficult time in their lives.

Recently, three parents told us what RMHC Toronto means to them:


“You truly have thought of everything to try and ease the pain we are all facing. Everyone comes from different walks of life but when were under the roof of RMHC we're all family.”
– Joey Wilson, dad of Charlotte, 221 nights at RMHC Toronto


“As a mom, it was hard enough not being in the hospital room with her 24/7, so if I didn’t have had this place to be close to her, I couldn’t imagine how much harder it would have been.”
– Samantha Audia, mom of Rosalie, 170 nights at RMHC Toronto


“Ronald McDonald House will always be more than just a house to us, it’s our Toronto home. Thank you for being here for us.”
– Kris Trafford, mom of Brody, 129 nights at RMHC Toronto

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