Why we're going to RECESS

February 21, 2018
The MacMullens can't wait for RECESS on Sunday, March 25
J.P., Marifa and Caleb MacMullen

At the beginning of 2018, Marifa and John MacMullen sat down with their kids and asked them what special activities they would like to do together as a family this year. Their two boys, J.P. and Caleb, answered decisively and enthusiastically: RECESS!

The MacMullens, from Orangeville, attended 2017’s first annual RECESS event, a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto. Marifa brought three of her children, then ages nine to 16, along with her brother and his children. Since they had such an amazing time, coming back for year two is a no-brainer.

“We absolutely loved it,” says Marifa. “There were so many fun activities, great entertainment and delicious food.”

Meltdown game at RECESS

Highlights from the event were diverse, depending on who you ask. J.P., 12, and Caleb, 10, loved playing basketball and the Meltdown game. Alyssia, 16, and her best friend hung out at the arcade and hit up the photo booth. Marifa really enjoyed the live music and dancing, and was “stuffed” from eating so many yummy treats. And everyone loved the Star Wars characters who were roaming around, especially the big kids.

“My adult brother was stalking the Stormtroopers and I was laughing, saying, ‘Those are for the kids!’”

Family posing with Star Wars characters

The icing on the cake for the MacMullens was that this fun day out directly supported a cause very close to their hearts. At that time, they were actually staying at RMHC Toronto while their infant daughter and sister, Trinity Rose, was in the hospital. They ended up staying for 121 days.

“If it weren’t for the House, our family would’ve been divided for four months,” says Marifa. “Our only time together would’ve been in a hospital waiting room. Instead, RMHC Toronto allowed us to share those family moments that wouldn’t otherwise happen during a traumatic time.”

Sadly, Trinity Rose passed away in April. In her memory, the family has continued to give back to RMHC Toronto in every way they can. This year, that includes not only attending RECESS on Sunday, March 25, but volunteering as well. Marifa, John, Alyssia and Micah, 16, are registered as volunteers, while Caleb and J.P. have their tickets and are counting down the days.

“With a wide age gap between our kids, it’s tough to find things that we can do together as a family. RECESS is perfect because there’s something for all ages to enjoy. It’s truly a family event.”

Marifa is also drumming up interest among her friends and family, highlighting what a great deal RECESS tickets are.

“For a family to spend a day out in Toronto at one of the attractions, you’re spending a couple hundred dollars, and that doesn’t include food. For the cost of a RECESS family pack, you’re getting food, entertainment, activities, an arcade. And best of all, you know the money is supporting an amazing cause.

“We never go to Toronto, but I said to John, we’re going to Toronto for this!”

Join the MacMullen family at RECESS. Buy your tickets today!