Meaning for Marko

January 24, 2018
The kids at RMHC Toronto put life into perspective for Marko
Marko Lindhe playing hockey with two boys

As a successful entrepreneur, Marko Lindhe often finds himself mired down in the pressures of the business world. That’s why the co-founder of Minutes Solutions Inc. so appreciates his weekly volunteer shift at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto.

“Spending time with kids at the House really puts things into perspective,” says Marko. “I might lose a deal at work and the whole world is proverbially crumbling, but then I meet kids who are battling serious illness and I realize what’s really important.”

Marko is no stranger to the trauma of serious illness. His mother died of cancer when he was nine years old.

“My mom has been a huge inspiration for me to give back,” he says.  “I do it in her honour and I know she would be proud of that.”

Since September 2017, Marko has been leading a popular activity program at the House called Kids Gym. Every Monday evening, he facilitates physical activity for up to 15 children of all ages. 

“Anything goes at Kids Gym,” he says. “I ask the kids what they want to do, and that ranges from hockey to soccer to riding around on a tricycle. In the summer, when we can be outside, hide and seek and tag are simple games that everyone can be a part of.”

Marko Lindhe playing hockey at RMHC Toronto

Marko sees great value in these sessions for the participants, having experienced firsthand the benefits of physical activity. An avid hockey, soccer, tennis and rugby player, he considers sports to have played a crucial role in his development. He cites relationship building, ambition, dedication and working towards a collective goal as some of the qualities he’s honed and hopes to impart to the children staying at RMHC Toronto.

Children aren’t the only ones benefitting at Kids Gym, however. Their parents are given “a rare moment to exhale and decompress while their kids are entertained,” and Marko himself is rejuvenated.

“These kids are brilliant and unpredictable and their imagination reminds me that there’s something outside of the ‘box.’ I also find their resiliency and optimism so inspiring.

“Mondays aren’t always the most cheerful day of the week, but Kids Gym always gives me something to look forward to.”