Key to happy family life

March 19, 2019
Survey reinforces why RMHC Toronto is so important.
Mother, daughter and father
Families are no strangers to the challenge of getting their child’s attention. From busy schedules to social media, sometimes the idea of getting quality family time can seem impossible.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Family Togetherness Survey however, reports that 91 per cent of Canadians are happy with their family life.

Seventy-two per cent of parents said close-knit relationships with their kids contributed to their overall satisfaction at home. Time spent together as a family was another large factor for family happiness.

Canadian families spent on average five hours together as a family every weekday – and that number jumps to 12 hours for the weekend.

Time together to pause and connect is important for all families, and for families staying at RMHC Toronto with a seriously ill child, family time becomes even more precious.

Raven McGuinness has been staying at RMHC Toronto since November 2018 while her two-year-old daughter receives treatment and waits for a heart transplant.

“This is probably the happiest that we’ve been as a family because we have time to focus on all four of us rather than just dealing with everything else,” says Raven.

Cathy Loblaw, CEO of RMHC Canada, says families with seriously ill children are stronger when they are together.

“It’s the simple things that our families appreciate most, like family dinner, watching television, and even doing the laundry together. Anything that gives them a little bit of normal time together when life is anything but.”

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