Peace of mind

February 27, 2019
New parents find comfort at our Family Room at SickKids.
Joe and Tiffany
Tiffany and Joe have a long journey ahead. They are waiting for a heart transplant for their four-month-old son, Hudson. Thankfully, they are finding comfort at the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto Family Room at SickKids.

Hudson was born with a life-threatening heart condition. After three months, the doctors at SickKids determined he needed a heart transplant. He was moved to the cardiac unit, just down the hall from the RMHC Toronto Family Room.

“It’s hard being in the hospital all day, so were grateful for the Family Room. Sitting in a comfortable lounge rather than a hospital waiting room and eating at a kitchen table rather than a food court is a blessing,” says Joe.


RMHC Toronto Family Rooms provide family members with a place to rest and retreat in the hospital, just steps away from where their child is being treated. The Family Room at SickKids has features such as a lounge, a kitchenette with snacks and refreshments, washrooms and showers, sleeping pods and laundry facilities.

Tiffany says she is particularly grateful for how being in the Family Room makes her feel during a difficult time.

“When I’m in the room, I feel safe. If I forget to pick up my laundry, I know no one is going to take it. Or if a doctor needs to speak with us, we can be there within minutes. In a stressful time, it has given me peace of mind.”

Tiffany and Joe say meeting other families is another benefit of being in the Family Room.

“We’ve made a lot of friends in the Family Room. If we were cooped up in our child’s hospital room, we wouldn’t have made such great connections with other families,” says Joe.

Even though Tiffany and Joe don’t know how long they’ll be waiting for Hudson’s heart, they know the Family Room is always there for them.

“We’re so grateful for this room. It feels like home.”

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