Teen Night

February 27, 2019
New program fills gap for older children at the House.
Group of teenagers
Baking cookies with cheese. Watching a movie. Playing dodge ball. Meeting other teens. These are some of the activities that take place in a new program recently introduced at RMHC Toronto called Teen Night.

“We wanted to design a program that was relevant and meaningful to teens,” says Ami Armagost, Programs Coordinator.

RMHC Toronto has always offered a lot of programs for young children and adults. But just like at home, it can be more difficult to get teenagers active and to keep them engaged.

In October 2018, Teen Night launched as a designated time for teens to socialize.

Every Monday night from 6 to 9 p.m., everyone 12 and over comes together to hang out. The program is open to both teens undergoing treatment and their siblings.

“We purposely don’t give the program too much structure so that it feels like a casual hangout, just like they do with their friends at home,” says Ami. “This is their own time together where they can decide what they want to do.”


“The best night was when we watched a scary movie and there was snacks for us,” says 14-year-old, Owen. 

“The night we played board games was great, especially because I beat everybody at Connect 4,” says Ritchie, 14. 

“I like that I get to meet new people and we always have a good time,” says Lydia, 15.

Ami says she gets excited when she sees friendships forming, even though new people may come and go each week.

“This is a special group that supports each other and welcomes new people right away. One week the group decided to make a card for a regular attendee who was back in the hospital. They always amaze me.” 

Even though Owen, Ritchie and Lydia all have different favourite activities, all three teens say some of the best Teen Nights have been spent just hanging out and being together as a group. At a time when they are separated from their friends back home, having the opportunity to form new friendships at RMHC Toronto is priceless.

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