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December 28, 2016
Aleeda inspired her aunt to become a monthly donor to RMHC Toronto
Amanda Hoffman and Aleeda Klingenberg

Amanda Hoffman still gets emotional thinking about the many days she spent at RMHC Toronto after her first niece, Aleeda, was born in 2012 with a serious heart condition.

Aleeda, along with her mom and dad, Tania and Brian Klingenberg, lived at the House for over a year while Aleeda waited for and then recovered from a heart transplant. Amanda came often to visit.

RMHC Toronto “just blew me away,” says Amanda. “They thought of everything so my sister and her family didn’t have to worry about anything. Everyone was so helpful, friendly and accommodating.”

Becoming a monthly donor was Amanda and her husband, Brenton’s, way of saying “thank you” for the support her family received. “Their life would have been that much harder without everything you did for them.”

Monthly donations are a great way to give to RMHC Toronto because they provide us with a reliable source of funding and reduce our fundraising costs, ensuring we will always be here when families need us.

“We know that RMHC Toronto uses the money wisely,” adds Amanda. “You put everything you can into providing for families.”

Aleeda, now healthy, happy and living at home in Woodstock, Ont., continues to be an important part of Amanda’s life. “She’s doing great! She has so much energy. You’d never know what she went through talking to her now.”

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a monthly donor, like Amanda.

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