Open spaces and friendly faces

March 15, 2017
CCL Industries is a big supporter of families like the Ducharmes
The Ducharme family

CCL Industries is the largest label company in the world, employing nearly 20,000 employees in 35 countries. Despite their massive global footprint, CCL is committed to improving each of the individual communities in which it operates. For employees at CCL’s corporate office in Toronto, that means supporting families with seriously ill children at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto.

“There’s a common thread among every charity we support: children,” says Donald Lang, Executive Chairman. “We have a social responsibility to keep families connected because that strengthens communities. RMHC Toronto does exactly that.”

Since 2003, CCL has donated more than $1.4 million to RMHC Toronto. In addition to their annual commitment of $100,000, CCL gave $50,000 during the capital campaign to build our current House. A family bedroom – number 213 – is named in their honour, and it keeps dozens of families close every year.

Families like the Ducharmes, the current residents of room 213. They’ve been staying at our House since the beginning of March while Madalayna, seven months, is treated for a rare genetic disorder.

“I don’t know what we would do without RMHC Toronto,” says Madalayna’s mom, Tamara. “If it wasn’t for this House, we couldn’t be together as a family during my daughter’s medical journey.”

The Ducharme family's chalkboard in front of their room at the House

CCL employees at the Toronto office also raise money for RMHC Toronto through casual dress days. They are committed to our cause, just like Donald.

“I’ve been to the House a number of times, and it’s beautiful,” he says. “The building is completely conducive to helping families feel comfortable and connected. It’s full of open spaces and friendly faces.”

Those spaces and faces wouldn’t be possible without partners like CCL. Families like the Ducharmes are so grateful for their support.

“Thank you so much to CCL Industries for making our lives easier and allowing us to keep our focus on our sick child.”

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