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July 12, 2017
Former McDonald’s employee helps grow McDonald’s support
Kristy Daley in her McDonald's uniform

Kristy Daley doesn’t always tie her life’s milestones to birthdays or Christmas mornings. She connects her significant moments to McHappy Day, the annual fundraising event at McDonald’s restaurants.

“Looking at photos of me on McHappy Day over the years is like a timeline of my life and career,” says Kristy. “There’s teenage me in my McDonald’s crew uniform, smiling in the restaurant where I met my husband. Then there’s me in my RMHC Toronto t-shirts, and now, here I am as a mom taking my sons to my friend’s restaurant. This day has meant so much to me.”

Kristy at McHappy Day over the years

Over the last 20 years, McDonald’s has impacted Kristy’s life in remarkable ways. She started working at McDonald’s in London, Ont. in high school. Kristy loved the workplace culture and the sense of teamwork it fostered, developing lifelong friendships with her co-workers. During her university years and beyond, she climbed the McDonald’s ladder from crew person to manager to Community Relations Rep at London’s regional office, then moving to the McDonald’s head office in Toronto. 

Kristy at a parade in 1999 wearing a Ronald McDonald House sweater

In 2010, a colleague introduced Kristy to an opportunity that would change her life: managing the McDonald’s relationship at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Toronto.

“I thought it was an exciting transition to work at the House and bring everything I’d learned from 11 years working in the community and behind the counter at McDonald’s,” she says. “I knew a lot about RMHC’s mission from my time as a manager, but I also remembered the knowledge gap I felt as a crew person.”

From newsletters to thank you notes, House tours to family visits, Kristy is always looking for creative ways to show McDonald’s Owner/Operators and crew how deeply their impact is felt.  

“Being able to touch and feel our charity and meet the families we support is so impactful,” says Kristy. “I can feel the passion of our Owner/Operators and it trickles down to their crew. It’s no surprise that donations grow year after year because the people behind the counter create that excitement for our cause.” Since 2010, annual donations from the McDonald’s family have grown by nearly 300 per cent.

Kristy and Mike on their wedding day in front of McDonald's

After seven years at RMHC Toronto, Kristy’s passion for the cause continues to grow. Now a mother of two young boys, she feels a deeper empathy for the families she meets at the House every day.

“As a parent, I’ve become so much more vocal about what we do and proud of my years at McDonald’s,” she says. “When I talk to people, I say, ‘Isn’t it amazing?’ How meaningful to be a company that has helped provide a home to thousands of families over the last 36 years. I’m grateful to be part of it.”

As RMHC Toronto’s Founding and Forever Partner, McDonald’s support dates back to the opening of our original House in 1981. Since then, McDonald’s Owner/Operators and crew have continued to provide vital support through Happy Meal sales, coin box donations from customers and proceeds from McHappy Day.  McDonald’s is RMHC Toronto’s largest donor, accounting for approximately one third of our overall revenue and contributing $1.5 million last year alone.

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Congratulations on the birth of your second son! How old, name ?
19/07/2017 1:28:14 AM

Frank Magno
I love the Kristy advantage! Great history, and great passion for tomorrow to come. RMHC is fortunate to have you Kristy help in so many ways. I always enjoy working with you! Keep the Advantage going girl!
13/07/2017 6:55:05 AM

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